About The Herbal Chef:

The Herbal Chef is a Culinary platform created by Founder Christopher Sayegh to help de-stigmatize the world of Plant Medicine through modern Cuisine.  Through the years The Herbal Chef has become an important part of the infrastructure of the legal Cannabis landscape in the Food and Beverage sector.  Our platform has grown to include highly trained and accomplished Chef’s that will be an asset to the brands, manufacturers and license holders across the globe.  

Frequently Asked Questions.

Answers for your most pressing questions.

Yes, The Herbal Chef services encompass both infused and non-infused dining.  The dosage is customization for each person at the dinner to maximize comfort and allow for everyone to enjoy at their own accord. 

Los Angeles, CA is homebase for us, however we travel extensively around the world for curious and ambitious diners like yourself.

Dinner pricing is unique to each set, setting and amount of people.  You can expect a private dinner to range in between $200-$350 per person and the price can fluctuate with things like beverage pairings and travel expenses. 

At first glance it may seem that a THC experience costs more than going out to dinner, which is true.  However there are many factors to a fine dining experience that need to be taken into account.  The menu is always made just for you to experience, we never make the same menu twice and all of the ingredients we use are the best possible quality money could buy.  Imagine having a high quality, multi-course meal with a wine and Cannabis beverage pairing curated just for you in the comfort of your own home.  Can’t beat that for the price.

 It depends if the people dining with us are getting the infusion or not.  If you are, then the cannabis is cooked into the foods that we are preparing for you.