The Herbal Chef is a culinary platform specializing in incorporating plant medicine into avant-garde cuisine: private in-home dining, meal prep, content creation, event catering.

What is The Herbal Chef?

The Herbal Chef is a Food, Beverage and Hospitality Platform that helps bring light to Ancient Plant Medicine through modern culinary experiences.

Who created The Herbal Chef?

I created The Herbal Chef to help de-stigmatize plant medicine through modern cuisine. I want you to experience food, not just eat it. I want people to experience food, connect with its origin and who created the food, not just consume a meal. That is why The Herbal Chef platform exists.

Chris Sayegh

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Planning a dinner, need new recipes, or an otherworldly experience? Make The Herbal Chef a part of your event!


We only use the best ingredients the land and sea have to offer, including but not limited to procurement of Cannabis from top licensed Cultivators. We have the utmost confidence that our farms don't use any heavy metals or pesticides in their grows to keep the Cannabis pure and clean the way nature intended.

Our farmers take a special approach to their plants by caring and tending for them daily.

Like THC, our farmers genuinely love what this plant can offer humanity.

Herbal Chef:

Once we receive the final product from the Lab, we then deliver it to our Chefs in the Herbal Chef Network, who work their magic to create a unique and customized experience for you.

Our Chefs are extremely high-skilled and talented chefs who are trained in the art of Cannabis Hospitality and dosing..

How It Works

Farm to Your Table


Once we select the farms, we then have a partner Lab take the Cannabis and extract it to our specifications ensuring that the potency is consistent and thus we are getting the most benefit possible from this extraordinary plant medicine.

We are proud of our extraction process methodology, utilizing a thorough full spectrum extract process.

Elevated Experience:

Your experience is the culmination of every methodical step that we have carefully and passionately prepared to deliver the most elevated experience to our clients.

We are a full-service F&B Hospitality Company that designs events, private-dining and meal-prep experiences, with passion, professionalism and expertise.

Our Services

Private Dinners

Have a certified Herbal Chef and their team go into your home and create a fantastic dining experience for you and your friends/family and more.

Public Events

We throw some massive Parties! Find out how The Herbal Chef can plan your next big public event with you. 

Corporate Catering

We have a way with swooning your corporate guests for retreats, meetings and more.  From buffet style service, mixers or even sit down Galas.  

Meal Prep

Whether you are a patient, an athlete or health enthusiest, we can create a meal plan that is perfect for you while incorporating healing herbs, spices, produce and proteins.  We accommodate Vegan, Keto, and Paleo as well.  Work one on one with an expert Chef and a Food Nutritionist to create something that is unique to your body and lifestyle.  

Content Creation and Brand Strategy

The Herbal Chef network expertise in edible formulation allows us the ability to collaborate with your company or organization throughout the entire brand strategy process.  Throughout each step, from formulation, to content creation and strategy and deployment planning, we share our expertise and commitment to excellence.

The Herbal Chefs

Rich Rosendale


Richard Rosendale CMC is a chef whose classical training has taken him to Northern Italy, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Norway, France and rated kitchens in the United States, including Sous Vide training at the French Laundry, and multiple five-star restaurant stages across the country. 

Bill Kim


Chef Bill Kim has always been on top of food trends. Long before upscale soft-serve became a hipster favorite, Kim was serving it in his restaurants. His places, including UrbanBelly, Belly Q and Belly Shack, featured variations on pork belly well before the dish popped up on other menus

Christopher Rieloff


A native of Chile, Christopher was raised in the suburbs of Santiago. With the drive to keep pushing forward, he eagerly left his hometown and began working in the kitchen of the Wickaninnish Inn Relais and Châteaux, a rustic and elegant resort in Tofino, British Columbia, Canada.

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You can pay this chef to come to your house and cook you a weed-packed dinner.


American chef haute cuisine has one main element:


The Herbal Chef: California cook brings cannabis to fine dining.

International Business Times
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